Entry level Human Resource/Payroll Assistant needed to fill an immediate need for an industrial company in the Port Arthur area.

Main job duties as HR will include but are not limited to reviewing applications and determining eligibility for various positions within the company; interviewing all potential applicants; all recruiting (mainly through job postings via various internet sites); administrating paperwork and processing all new hire paperwork. Will also be responsible for processing and setting up insurance (medical, dental, and vision) as well as 401k. With this position, knowledge of all position within the company and the requirements of each is a must as well.

Job duties as a Payroll Assistant will include but are not limited to reviewing jobs and tallying them up; entering information from a pre-generated spreadsheet, verifying information on spreadsheets, researching discrepancies, making corrections as needed; processing of bonuses if earned.

Interested candidate must have a minimum of 2 years previous clerical experience, a minimum of 1 year’s previous experience working with or assisting with payroll and with HR work. The Client will provide some training as needed in order to demonstrate how they expect the job task to be completed. Candidate must have basic computer skills as well as have excellent communication skills (both verbal and written) and legible handwriting.