Our secret to doing it better than anybody else is at the beginning. When we are talking to a new client, we want to develop a good description for the position to have the best success. We make sure we gather as much information as possible and learn the Client’s expectations. Staffing is Infinity Staffing Solutions’ business and we take it seriously.


We consider it an ongoing process in order to keep a constant pipeline of candidates available for open positions. We recruit each and every day to keep a constant flow of candidates ready to fill positions you need. We verify an applicant’s placement potential through a comprehensive personal interview. We talk to applicants about what they prioritize in life, not just a job. We find out if the candidate must juggle childcare, transportation issues or can’t work a certain shift. Infinity Staffing Solutions, LLC digs for answers to ensure it is a suitable placement on both ends. Someone may come in for a specific job, but after listening to them tell us what’s important, we may have a better fit for them.


Infinity Staffing Solutions, LLC only presents companies with candidates considered an ideal match. All candidates complete an orientation that reviews the internal policies and procedures and discusses expectations. Infinity Staffing Solutions, LLC reviews attendance requirements, call in procedure, safety awareness, payroll questions, and any other information that leads to a seamless transition.


Verifications are time consuming. It’s also important. Infinity Staffing Solutions, LLC has it covered. We verify employment history, personal reference checks and education. Our goal is to thoroughly reference every candidate. We know the importance employers place on a new hire’s credibility so we cut no corners.


Performing background and criminal history checks are additional steps to properly vet a prospective employee. If asked, Infinity Staffing Solutions, LLC will also review a candidate’s driving record. Drug testing is standard procedure minus the lengthy waits. Infinity Staffing Solutions turn around time is all of five minutes.


When you trust us with your recruiting needs, we take that seriously. Infinity Staffing Solutions, LLC takes pride in our comprehensive process to interview and place only the best employees. We value all of our Clients and look forward to sustaining a relationship for the long term.